Tips to cope with FLU

Prevention is the best treatment as following:

  1. Try to avoid shaking hands, hugging, or kissing in a big crowd.
  2. Thoroughly hand washing with antiseptic soap for at least 22 seconds (singing Happy Birthday song twice) before handling food, or contacting mucosal area, i.e. eye, nose or mouth.
  3. Stay home if experiencing flu like symptoms(fever, cough, sore throat, body ache, headache, fatigue, or chills), until at least 24 hours after you are free of fever (100℉ or 37.8℃) without use of fever reducing medication. Use tissues when you cough or sneeze, then throw it away after one use and clean your hands with antiseptic soap.
  4. Vaccination, especially the following population:
  5. 6 month to 18 years old.
  6. People with chronic disease with lung, kidney, heart, nerve, muscle, transplantaton and some other chronic condition.
  7. People living in chronic care facilities, e.g. nursing home.
  8. Health care personnel who may have direct contact with patients.
  9. Pregnant women and people with weakened immune system due to medication (e.g. steroid), HIV, chemotherapy, as well as household contacts of such patients. However, they should not receive intranasal flu vaccine (LAIV) which contains live virus.
  10. Please be careful. If you experience any flu-like symptoms as mentioned above, contact us as soon as possible, so we could prescribe medication to speed up your recovery.

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